South West Gauteng TVET College careers

South West Gauteng TVET College: Vacancies 2021

South West Gauteng TVET College: Vacancies 2021

South West Gauteng TVET College careers

South West Gauteng TVET College: Vacancies 2021

Various  staff vacancies currently exist at South West Gauteng TVET College, although the employer for staff members employed in these positions, will be the Department of Higher Education and Training. All positions advertised, are for permanent appointment, unless indicated otherwise.

Salary Scales:

  • SENIOR EDUCATION SPECIALIST: HOD (PL3) Salary Scale: R 414 003.00 Per Annum (Excl Service Benefits)
  • EDUCATION SPECIALIST/SENIOR LECTURER (PL2) Salary Scale: R347 703 Per Annum (Excl Service Benefits)
  • LECTURER (PL1) Salary Scale: R 211 098.00 Per Annum (Excl Service Benefits)
  • ASSITANT DIRECTOR- SALARY LEVEL 9 Salary Scale: R R356 289 Per Annum (Excl Service Benefits)
  • CHIEF ADMINISTRATION CLERKS- SALARY LEVEL 7 Salary Scale: R 257 508 Per Annum (Excl Service Benefits)
  • SENIOR ADMIN CLERKS-SALARY LEVEL 5 Salary Scale: R 173 703.00 Per Annum (Excl Service Benefits)
  • SALARY LEVEL 4 Salary Scale: R 145 281.00 Per Annum (Excl Service Benefits)
  • SALARY LEVEL 3 Salary Scale: R122 595.00 Per Annum (Excl Service Benefits)



1. Mathematics -Senior Lecturer NC(V)-PL2:REF DOB/MATHS/SL/03/2021

2. Public Management Report 191- Senior Lecturer-PL2:REF:DOB/PM/SL/03/2021 3. Mathematics Literacy –Lecturer NC(V) -PL1: REF DOBS/MATHS/03/2021

4. Campus Office Clerk- Level 5: REF DOB/COC/03/2021

5. Call Centre Agent-Level 5: REF: DOB/CCA/03/2021

6. Examination Officer-Level 5: REF: DOB/EO/03/2021

7. Driver-Level 4: REF DOB/D/03/2021


1. Maths and Science- Senior Lecturer (Report 191): REF MOL/MS/SL/03/2021

2. Admin Clerk-Level 5 (2 posts): MOL/AC/03/2021

3. Driver-Level 4: REF MOL/D/03/2021

4. General Assistant-Level 3: REF MOL/GA/03/2021


1. English-Senior Lecturer NC(V) PL2:REF GT/ENG/SL/03/2021

2. Tourism-Senior lecturer NC(V) PL2: REF GT/TOUR/SL/03/2021

3. Tourism NC(V) PL1: REF GT/TOUR/03/2021

4. Campus Office Clerk-Level 5: REF GT/COC/03/2021

5. General Assistant Level 3 (2 posts): REF GT/GA/03/2021

6. Hostel Parent-Level 4: REF GT/HS/03/2021(MALE HOSTEL)

7. Chefs- Level 5 (2 Posts): Ref GT/CHEF/F/03/2021

8. Student Support Services Officer- Level 5:REF GT/SSSO/F/03/2021

9. Farm Workers- Level 3: REF GT/FW/03/2021


1. Head of Department-PL3: REF RDPTW/HOD/03/2021

2. Lecturer PL1– Mathematics NC(V): REF RDPTW/MATHS/03/2021

3. Lecturer PL1 – Industrial Electronics: REF RDPTW/IE/03/2021

4. Receptionist- Level 5: REF RDPT/REC/03/2021


1. Hospitality-Senior Lecturer NC(V): REF RDPT/HOS/SL/03/2021

2. English Lecturer PL1 NC(V): REF RDPT/ENG/03/2021

3. Assets Clerk –Level 5: RDPT/AC/03/2021

4. Campus Office Clerk-Level 5 : RDPT/CAC/03/2021

5. Driver –Level 4: RDPT/D/03/2021


1. Management- Senior Lecturer NC(V) PL2: REF TECH/MAN/SL/03/2021

2. Distance Learning-Lecturer PL1: REF TECH/DL/03/2021

3. Maths Lecturer PL1: REF TECH/RM/03/2021

4. Student Registration Clerk Level 5 ( 2 posts): TECH/SAC/03/2021

5. Admin Clerk – Level 5: REF TECH/AD/03/2021

6. Filling Clerk – Level 5: REFTECH/FC/03/2021

7. Assets Clerk- Level 5: REF TECH/AC/03/2021


1. Occupational Programmes Accreditation and IR-Level 5: REF NBD/OPA/03/2021 2. Entrepreneurship/WBE Officers (Molapo, George Tabor and Roodepoort)(3 Posts): Level 5 REF NBD/WBE/03/2021

3. WBE/ Coordinator – Entrepreneurship and SMME Supervisor- Level 7: NBD/ WBE/C/03/2021


1. Assistant Director: Supply Chain Management- Level 9 (College Council Appointment):REF HO/SCM/03/2021

2. Student Aid Financial Services Officer -Level 7: REF: HO/SAFSO/03/2021

3. Finance Clerk-Level 5: REF HO/FC/03/2021

4. Driver-Level 4: REF HO/D/03/2021

5. General Assistant-Level 3( 2 Posts):REF HO/GA/03/2021


  • Matric
  • Relevant Degree or National Diploma


  • CV
  • Certified ID
  • Certified Qualifications
  • Academic Record
  • Z83 form

The closing date for applications is 13:00 pm 19 March 2021

How to apply:

Applications for the above positions should be hand delivered or posted to the address below:

Click here to Download the Z83 form

The Human Resources Unit, South West Gauteng TVET College, 1822a Molele Street, cnr Koma Road, Molapo, Soweto, 1818


South West Gauteng TVET College, Human Resource Unit, Private Bag X33, Tshiawelo, 1818


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