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Sol Plaatje University: Driver

Sol Plaatje University: Driver


Sol Plaatje University: Driver

Job Title: Driver

Contract Type: Permanent

Location: Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa


About Sol Plaatje University:

Sol Plaatje University was established to provide high-quality learning, teaching, research, and community engagement activities in a Higher Education context. Based in Kimberley in the Northern Cape, our University is ambitious about its intellectual contributions to and engagements with people in the region and beyond.

In developing the academic and administrative capacity of our University, the position of a Driver is available and we are keen to receive applications from highly motivated and suitably qualified individuals.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Grade 12
  • 2-3 years related experience
  • In possession of the related driver’s license/permits
  • Able to work outside normal working hours

Duties and Responsibilities of a Driver:

  • Receive routes and destinations for drop-off and pick up
  • Pick up passengers at designated locations and transport them to their desired destinations as per request • Use mobile phone and radio networks to contact passenger information
  • Check passenger destinations and determine the most appropriate route
  • Assist passengers with the handling of luggage
  • Keep accurate records of kilometres, fuel and functionality of the vehicle
  • Drive the vehicle into position for loading or off-loading
  • Assist with loading or off-loading to make sure goods are correctly stowed
  • Check loading documents
  • Load goods onto the truck either by hand, or by using trolleys, lifting straps or lifting hooks
  • Use pads to make sure items such as fridges, couches and beds are not damaged
  • Make sure the load is correctly placed and secured to avoid any damage to the truck or to the goods
  • Plan the shortest delivery route and drive the vehicle to the destination
  • Use mobile phone or a two-way radio, and possibly data screens in some vehicles, to keep in contact with the depot or base
  • Arrange off-loading and obtain a receipt for goods delivered
  • Report vehicle maintenance needs
  • Hand-deliver goods
  • Collect, transport and deliver mail between post offices, campuses, and business centres, airports and rail terminals
  • Undertake long-distance haulage of bulk mail
  • Pick up and deliver articles in the metropolitan area
  • Inspect the location or office at the pick-up address to see what has to be moved, then pack and label items
  • Drive defensively and handle all types of road conditions
  • Check larger items against inventory, noting any wear and tear or damage
  • Conduct a general maintenance check of the truck and clean the vehicle
  • Arrange regular repairs, general maintenance and cleaning of vehicles
  • Monitor vehicles at all times for SHE compliance
  • Complete required reports/documents
  • Report defects, accidents, etc.
  • Communicate and consult with relevant stakeholders

Closing Date: 27 November 2020


How To Apply:

Please Click Here To Apply For The Driver Position 

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