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Sasol Bursary Programme

The Sasol Bursary Programme offers bursaries on the basis of a service-binding (work back obligation after graduation) contract.

Fields of study:

1. Undergraduate studies:

  •  B Eng or BSc Engineering
  • B Sc
  • B Com
  • Chemical
  • Chemistry (Masters compulsory)
  • B Com Accounting  CA Stream (CTA, PGDA compulsory)
  • Mechanical
  • Geology (Hons compulsory)
  • Electrical
  • Metallurgy (Hons compulsory)
  • Civil
  • Industrial
  • Electronics
  • Mining

2) Postgraduate studies:

Masters and PhD bursaries in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

University of Technology:

* Electrical Engineering
* Process Instrumentation
* Mechanical Engineering
* Mine Surveying

Note: No bursaries are awarded in fields of study not listed above. Bursaries are not necessarily awarded in each field of study every year. Applicants should submit an application based on a real interest in the field and must be a South African citizen.


Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape and Western Cape


Grade 12 learners must have achieved the following marks in:

1) BEng and BSc:

  •  Maths 70%
  • Science 70%
  • English 60%

2) B Com  Accounting:

  •  Maths 60%
  • Accounting 60%
  • English 60%

Closing Date: 30 April 2019

How to Apply:

Click Here To Apply 

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