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Sasol: Bursary Programme 2020

Sasol: Bursary Programme 2020

Sasol Careers

Sasol was established in 1950 and is an international integrated chemicals and energy company with 30 300 people working in 33 countries. Sasol produces a variety of essential products such as liquid fuels, chemicals and low-carbon electricity. The company is listed on the JSE in South Africa and on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States.

About Sasol Bursary:

The Sasol bursary is a complete bursary scheme which covers 100% of the university tuition fees, registration fees and exam fees, the average rate for accommodation costs, three meals per day allowance, and an amount of around R12 000,00 per year for book and personal allowance. Upon graduation, bursary holders may be offered employment within the Sasol Group through the company’s Graduate Development Programme.

There are three types of Sasol bursary program for South Africans namely Undergraduate, Post Graduate and University of Technology bursaries.


Undergraduate bursaries are awarded are for full-time studies for a Bachelors Degree (BSc or BEng) at a South African University. Bursaries are only awarded in the following fields:

  • Engineering – which includes Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electronic, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical and Mining engineering courses.
  • Science – which includes Honours degree for Chemistry, Geology and Metallurgy
  • Commerce – which includes CA Route Accounting

University of Technology:

University of Technology bursaries are granted to those who wish to study for a National Diploma or Bachelor of Technology degree at Universities of Technology across South Africa. It is only available for S1 level of study.

These South African bursaries are awarded in the following fields:

  • Process Instrumentation
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mine Surveying
  • Mechanical Engineering

Post Graduate:

Postgraduate Bursaries are awarded for full-time University studies in Science and Engineering at Masters or PhD Degree level. This bursary is only offered for engineering and science fields. Research project proposal, as well as a summary of their proposed project, are required to apply for the postgraduate bursary.

Sasol Bursary Requirements:

For Undergraduate:

    • Grade 12 with level 7 for Mathematics, level 6 for Science and level 5 for English for BEng and BSc applicants. Grade 12 with level 5 for Math and English for B Com applicants.
    • South African citizenship with a valid ID number
    • Full-time students for an academic degree at an accredited South African university.
    • For applicants writing matric after 2007:
      • Minimum of a Level 4 for English First Language or a Level 5 for English Second Language in Grade 11
      • Minimum of a level 7 for Mathematics and a minimum of a level 6 in Physical Science in Grade 11 for Engineering or Science fields applicants
      • Minimum of a level 6 in Mathematics for a B com Accounting/ Business Science fields applicants
      • Minimum of a level 5 in Accounting for B Com Accounting applicants
  • For applicants writing matric before 2007:
    • Minimum of a D symbol for English First Language HG or a C symbol for English Second Language HG in Grade 12
    • Minimum of an A symbol for Mathematics HG and a B symbol for Physical Science HG in Grade 12 for engineering or science fields applicants
    • Minimum of a C symbol for Accounting HG in Grade 12 for B Com Accounting applicants
    • Passed all courses for applicants that are already studying a degree course at the university

For University of Technology:

  • Applicants who are in Grade 12/N3 Maths, Physical Science and English
  • Minimum level 5 for Maths, Science and English
  • South African citizens

For Post Graduate:

  • Students of engineering/science fields at Masters or PhD Degree level
  • South African citizens
  • Research project proposal and summary formulation

Closing Date: 30 April 2020

How To Apply:

Click Here To Apply For Sasol: Bursary Programme 2020

NB: Incomplete, late applications, applications by e-mail and/or not submitted through the official Sasol website will be rejected.

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