Sanral Bursary Programme

SANRAL: Scholarship Opportunity 2021

SANRAL: Scholarship Opportunity 2021

Sanral Bursary Programme

SANRAL: Scholarship Opportunity 2021

The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) is committed to contributing to development of the youth of South Africa through investment in education. SANRAL’s investment model for skills starts with development and support through our scholarship programme. This year, scholarships are available to all high school learners, i.e. from Grade 8 to Grade 12, irrespective of subject choice.

These scholarships will be awarded to learners who aspire for all-round academic excellence, are South African citizens and have an overall aggregate of 60%. The scholarships are granted based on academic merit and financial need.

Scholarship covers:

  • Depending on the outcome of the Means Test, the scholarship will cover the following in full: registration, school fees, hostel, school and sport uniform, stationery, transport and books.
  • Tuition costs will be paid directly to the school on the submission of school fees statements.
  • School and sport uniforms, books and stationery costs will be reimbursed to parents on receipt of an original proof of payment which should be submitted with a claim form.
  • Where a full scholarship is awarded, scholarship holders are not allowed to have any other funding that covers their school fees.


  • be a South African citizen registered at an endorsed South African school.
  • be in high school, Grade 8 to 12, irrespective of subject choice.
  •  meet the minimum requirement of a 60% overall average.
  • The scholarship application must be completed in full.
  • All supporting documents must be enclosed.


Mean test:

All applications will be subjected to a Means Test which is a formula that is applied to determine the amount of financial assistance provided by SANRAL. Depending on the outcome of the Means Test, a family contribution may have to be made.

Closing date: 30 September 2021

How to apply:

Send your complete application or scholarship enquiries to: Gcina Sentletse

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