UNISA: Graduate Internship Programme

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UNISA: Graduate Internship Programme

Unisa Careers

Assumption of duty: As soon as possible

Salary: R92 546


Duration: 1 Year Internship

The purpose of this position is to develop skills that enables the provision of career guidance and learning support to a wide variety of clients (including current and prospective students). The support is provided within the Framework for Student Support and the Model for Counselling and Academic Support in an ODL context. Multi model support is provided to individuals and groups (face to face, telephone and email).

Closing date : 27 December 2019


  • 043 709 0424 Ms SL Mbanjwa (HR Coordinator: Eastern Cape)
  • 041 392 0117 Dr J Ndlela (Student Counsellor: Port Elizabeth)

How To Apply:

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