Quality Council For Trades & Occupations

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The QCTO is looking for highly motivated, competent and professional individuals to fill the following positions;

  •  Deputy Director: ICT Operations
  • Principal System Developer
  • Systems Developer
  • Deputy Director: Qualifications Maintenance
  • Deputy Director: Qualifications Development x2
  • Deputy Director: Quality Assurance
  • Deputy Director: Assessment Assurance x2
  • Assistant Director: Human Resources Management x2
  • Assistant Director: Qualifications Development (Cluster 1: Enginering & Trades Qualifications)
  • Senior Secretary To Chief Director: Occupational Qualifications Management
  • Senior Administrative Assistant: OQM And OQA (Central Administration Office)
  • Administrative Assistant: Certification
  • Assistant Director: Finance (Payroll Reporting)

Closing Date: 19 April 2019

Download a pdf file below to find more about Quality Council For Trades & Occupations available vacancies.

Adverts March 2019 Vacancies

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    • Fmcareer Reply

      Hey Dudu, to find more about this vacancy. There’s a pdf with the name “Adverts March 2019 Vacancies”, click it and it will automatically open a pdf file for you in a new tap. Thank you…

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