North West Dard Vacancies

North West DARD: Vacancies

North West DARD: Vacancies

North West Dard Vacancies

North West DARD: Vacancies

Location: North West

Department: Agriculture and Rural Development



The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in the North West province has vacancies in various centres of the province.

Vacancies include:

  • Agricultural Advisors (18 Posts)
  • Control Veterinary Public Health Officer (1 Post)
  • Head of Department: Plant Production (1 Post)
  • Head of Department: Animal Production (1 Post)
  • Lecturer: Irrigation and Water use management (1 Post)
  • Agricultural Technician: Irrigation Management (1 Post)
  • Librarian (1 Post)
  • Admin Clerk (3 Posts)
  • Finance Clerk (1 Posts)
  • Cleaners (4 Posts)
  • General Workers (3 Posts)
  • Admin Officer: Head Office (1 Post)

Closing Date: 17 July 2020


How To Apply:

Applications, quoting the relevant reference number must be forwarded as per the instructions on the Pdf Attached below.


Please Click Here To Download The pdf Document


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