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Nedbank: Business Enablement (Senior Manager)

Nedbank: Business Enablement (Senior Manager)

Nedbank Business Enablement

Nedbank: Business Enablement (Senior Manager)

Req Details: 102614

Position: Senior Manager: Business Enablement

Location: Sandton

Job Family: Information Technology

Career Stream: It Application Development

Leadership Pipeline: Manage Managers


Job Purpose:

Nedbank: Business Enablement (Senior Manager) will be tasked to manage a portfolio through multiple teams with a medium term strategic horizon.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Managed Financial and Business Results
  • Ensure that all individual and department results are delivered within budget to deadlines
  • Ensure budget targets are met by effectively executing and complying to Divisional billing requirements and target
  • Ensure that transparent transfer pricing for provision of products and services for the business area are  being followed through
  • Activity Justified Transfer Pricing (AJTP) model (aligned to GT service model) by  establishing costs, prices and conditions
  • Ensure effective  targeted cost recovery through monitoring and ensuring all times are captured by staff on a weekly basis
  • Ensure quality projects / processes / systems delivered on time and are fully aligned to Nedbank’s business requirements
  • Provide agreed information, resources, professional advice and  strategic contribution to relevant stakeholders on time, in budget, within quality standards
  • Ensured that all individual and department results were delivered within budget to deadlines
  • Delivered services to client expectations and Nedbank standards
  • Quality projects / processes / systems delivered on time and were fully aligned to Nedbank’s business requirements
  • Provided agreed information, resources, professional advice and strategic contribution (on time, in budget, within quality standard)
  • Managed Stakeholder Relationships
  • Deliver services on client expectations and Nedbank standards  by ensuring the Service Level Agreement, Operational level agreements ,  contractual agreements,  and project schedules are met as stipulated
  • Advise and consult  to clients by  providing professional solutions that meet the requirements of the clients business needs
  • Ensure that professional solutions delivered within agreed parameters and timelines
  • Ensure that Professional solutions demonstrate a balance of best of breed and return on investment for the client
  • Enable the building of commercially viable relationships with clients by providing quality advice to clients
  • Monitor and manage client, service providers/ vendors, partners and  other stakeholder expectations
  • Actively engage to establish trust and respect of department members, direct reports, stakeholders & manager/s through active engagement with all parties
  • Delivered best practice services to client expectations
  • Monitored and managed client, service providers, partners and other stakeholder expectations, built long term relations
  • Proactively supported and shared information and knowledge with peers in own and other departments and functions
  • Trusted and respected by department members, direct reports and manager/sEffective communication and relationship networks upwards, downwards, sideways and outwards
  • Managed Internal Processes
  • Operationalise Divisional Strategy by ensuring all supervisors and first line managers understand and prioritise work in alignment to Divisional Strategy
  • Empower First line managers and effective performance measures that are empowering and aligned to strategy by clearly defining their roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure professional field is leveraged to enable strategy and that proposed solutions related to field are embedded in strategy
  • Select appropriate professional frameworks, methods/ supporting technologies in line with Agreed Architecture and expected return on investments
  • Manage multiple assets through the development, implementation, review of strategies and planning for area.

Essential Qualification:

  • BSC Computer science
  • BComm Information Technology
  • Post graduate management qualification
  • MBA

Essential Certifications:

  • ITIL Talent nurturing or equivalent MMP/SMP / MM or equivalent

Minimum Experience Level:

  • 10 years Core banking functional / implementation experience preferably Flexcube
  • 6 – 8 years line management

Type of Exposure:

  • Achieved Client and Relationship Results
  • Achieved Financial and Business Results
  • Built a high performance culture
  • Designed Workforce Planning Solutions
  • Developed and Implemented Communications Strategy

Technical / Professional Knowledge:

  • Budgeting
  • Business administration and management
  • Change management
  • Client service management
  • Communication Strategies
  • Diversity management
  • Employee training/development
  • Financial Accounting Principles
  • Governance, Risk and Controls
  • Principles of project management
  • Relevant regulatory knowledge
  • Stakeholder management
  • Strategic planning
  • Talent management
  • Workforce planning
  • Business writing skills
  • Management information and reporting principles, tools and mechanisms
  • System Development Life cycle(SDLC)
  • ITIL
  • IT Architecture
  • General Communication Skills
  • Joint application development
  • Organisational structure
  • Influencing
  • IT Assets management processes

Closing Date: 08 July 2020


How To Apply:

Please Click Here To Apply For Nedbank: Business Enablement (Senior Manager) position.


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