Club Copacabana: Security Personnel X4

Club Copacabana: Security Personnel X4

Club Copacabana: Security Personnel X4

Club Copacabana: Security Personnel X4

Location: Pampierstad, Northern Cape, South Africa

Club Copacabana  is looking for 4 Security Personnels


  • Control flow of traffic into Copacabana from gate and building.
  • Removing patrons who get too rowdy, using problem-solving skills to settle disputes in a respectful manner and contacting the authorities when a situation gets beyond the security control.
  • Must check guest IDs at the door to make sure each person in the building is within allowed age limit to be sold alcohol.
  • Create a safe atmosphere to people to relax and enjoy.
  • Be friendly to guests who enter and leave the facility, as interactions with security are part of the entertainment experience.
  • In an events that are invite only ensure that only people who are on the guest list are permitted to enter the event.
  • Ensure that customers adhere to the establishment’s security policy.
  • Collect cover charge at the gate during events & if needs be.


  • Physical fitness – Security personnel needs to be physically up to the task of forcibly removing individuals from the premises or breaking up altercations between guests.
  • Familiarity with safety protocols – Security must know how to keep a large group of people safe, when to remove a person from the premises, and when it’s time to call the police.
  • Professionalism – must not show any favoritism to certain guests and to always carry themselves in a professional manner in often chaotic environments.
  • Availability to work Shifts, weekends, and holidays.
  • Positive, engaging personality and professional appearance.
  • Know Pampierstad and its surrounding areas well.

Closing date: 17 March 2020

How To Apply:

Please email your detailed CV along with certified copies of the supporting documentations to:

Communication will be made to shortlisted candidates.

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